Why You Should Provide Lockers For Your Staff

Today’s employees work longer hours than ever before and they have incredibly busy lives. They might squeeze in a gym session or class before work, do a full day’s work (for which they’ll need appropriate clothing or a uniform), then catch the train home where they’ll need their laptop to catch up on emails.

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Keep Your Power Tools Safe and Secure With Tool Lockers

Workshops, warehouses, factories, and building sites can be busy places, with people coming and going all day, and needing lots of different tools and equipment for different jobs. these tools are also expensive and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. So how do you keep your tools safe, secure, and ready to use? By investing in tool lockers.

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Safety First: Protect Your PPE with PPE Lockers

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the equipment or clothing that an employer must provide for employees to protect them from infection, chemical injury, personal injury, or accidents at work. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 is the legislation that employers must comply with, and these regulations also cover the use, storage, and maintenance of PPE.

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