From the Strange to the Incredibly Valuable: Things Found in Lockers and Storage Units

From the Strange to the Incredibly Valuable: Things Found in Lockers and Storage Units

Lockers and storage units are used by millions of people to safeguard valuables and store essentials. They inspire safety, security, and peace of mind, and many of us wouldn’t be without them.

Why people use lockers

Lockers are a safe and secure storage space for personal items, uniforms, laptops, PPE, chemicals, business supplies and stock to name just some of their most common uses. They are invaluable in businesses, schools, offices, leisure centres, and spas. They improve health and safety, reduce crime, improve employee morale, and they can be used to project the desired image of your business.

Why people use storage units

  • Storage units are pretty much the lockers we know and love, just on a much bigger scale. People might use them for temporary storage when they are moving house, for longer-term storage if they downsize, or if they are travelling or working abroad for an extended period of time.
  • People also use them to securely store both valuables and things that have sentimental value if it’s not possible to keep them in their home or the garage is chock full.
  • Storage units also come in handy if you need to store items while you’re having renovations done, or temporarily store items belonging to a loved one who has passed away until they can be sorted through.
  • Businesses also commonly rent storage to store old documents and files that they can’t throw away or store extra stock or equipment. As you can imagine, a storage unit would be a godsend for a business with small premises.

The weirdest things found in lockers and storage units

So you’ve probably read through the most common uses of lockers and storage units and thought that they seem pretty standard. Well, be prepared because we’re going to introduce you to a whole new world of weird things that people have left in lockers and storage units.

The strangest things found in lockers

You know when you’re browsing on the internet, you read something, and think ‘yes, I’ve had enough internet for today.’ This was us when we read about some of the strangest things that have been found in lockers.

  • An 18-foot python was found in a locker in a Singapore school at the end of the academic year. We’d take an unwashed PE kit or half-eaten packed lunch over that any day!
  • A school in Japan had to close down due to sushi being left in lockers and going bad. We can only imagine what that smelled like (though we’d rather not!)
  • If you wanted to get revenge on your headteacher for something, would you put a horse’s head in his locker? Well, that’s what students in Wyoming did. Wonder if they were inspired by The Godfather?



The strangest things found in storage units

As you can imagine, people put all sorts of weird and wonderful things in storage units like:

Previously unheard Michael Jackson songs

Michael Jackson’s estate is still making money, even though he passed away right back in 2007. His well-known classics are still raking in the royalties, so just imagine what would happen if someone had a few hundred previously unreleased tracks at their disposal. Apparently, these exist and they are in a storage unit owned by the late singer’s father. The family are said to be negotiating a deal to sell the music. Watch this space.

A treasure trove

You can buy a scratch card for £5 and win a million. The exact same thing also happened to a resident of California who bought a storage unit for $1000 only to find that there was almost a million dollars in gold bullion and precious metals inside.

A grenade

A grenade was found in a storage unit in Michigan and a bomb squad had to be deployed to deal with it. We’d definitely prefer to find the treasure!

The most valuable things found in storage units

It seems incredible that some people would leave items of huge value in a storage unit and either forget about it or fail to claim it, but it does happen. If you’ve seen programmes like Storage Wars, you know that storage units are sometimes auctioned off, and buyers get a lot more than they bargained for!

One lucky buyer uncovered a treasure chest

A storage unit that was sold for $1000 turned out to contain a treasure chest full of old Spanish gold coins dating back to the 16th century.

The world’s most expensive comic book

A man found a mint-condition first edition comic in a California storage unit he bought and when he discovered it was definitely worth something, he sold it for a cool $2 million through a comic collector website. The only thing was the comic actually belonged to the actor Nicholas Cage and it had been reported stolen some years earlier!

A seemingly boring storage unit that unearthed an unbelievable haul

Would you buy a storage unit if the contents were listed as ‘documents and papers’? Probably, if you’re nosey, but you’d most likely agree that it doesn’t sound that interesting. The storage unit was bought for a few hundred dollars by a Florida radio station at an auction. Once they opened it, they discovered that the ‘documents and papers’ were actually original lyrics, arrangements, and royalty cheques that belonged to The Beach Boys! As you can imagine, there was a court battle over these, and they were finally sold at auction for $10 million.

When it comes to lockers and storage units, you never know what you might find. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and for every locker or storage unit that contains an unwashed gym kit or an old computer monitor, there’s one that contains something that’s valuable beyond measure.