Keep Your Power Tools Safe and Secure With Tool Lockers

Keep Your Power Tools Safe and Secure With Tool Lockers

Workshops, warehouses, factories, and building sites can be busy places, with people coming and going all day, and needing lots of different tools and equipment for different jobs.

Speaking of tools, they make life easier for workers and tradesmen to get their job done, but they’re also expensive and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. So how do you keep your tools safe, secure, and ready to use? By investing in tool lockers.


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The benefits of tool lockers

They keep your power tools safe and secure

Power tool lockers will help keep your power tools safe and secure when they are not in use. As you will only be too aware, power tools are very expensive to repair or replace. Potential thieves know that they can be sold on for a fair amount of money, so to avoid having your power tools stolen from either your premises or from a vehicle, lockers can give you the peace of mind that they won’t go walkies.

They help workers do their job more efficiently

If a tradesmen or labourer needs a power tool then picks it up to find that it’s not charged and ready for use, this can mean they have to waste time hunting for another one or waiting until it’s charged and this can result in delays on a job. Power tool charging lockers can be used to charge tools overnight so they’re ready for use in the morning.

Power tool lockers also come in handy when a worker needs a certain tool intermittently during the day. It can be stored in the locker until it’s needed which prevents them from having to leave it lying around or having to go backwards and forwards to their works van.

They make the workplace safer

Having lots of power tools lying around can be a health and safety concern. Some tools should only be used by people who are trained and experienced, and if they are left plugged in or lying around, the cables and tools themselves can become a trip hazard. Power tool charging lockers provide a safe place to charge and store power tools.

Introducing the power tool charging locker

Power tool charging lockers are a great safety and efficiency solution for many different environments including warehouses, workshops, factories, offices, and educational institutions. Our tool charging lockers have perforated doors which prevent heat accumulations that could adversely affect the functioning of the expensive items inside.

Our tool charging lockers

Our Perforated Door Tool Charging Lockers are ideal for the secure charging of batteries and power tools. They are manufactured in the UK from robust steel and are designed to withstand frequent daily use in demanding environments.

Each locker is equipped with a galvanised security shelf to prevent any unauthorised access from the compartments above or below, a powder coating of Germ Guard Active Technology paint, and perforated doors for added ventilation

Product Features

  • Standard mastered cam locks with 2000 differs
  • Ventilated doors with rubber buffers
  • Rust-resistant galvanised shelves
  • Fully CE Tested and meets EU safety requirements

Our Tool Lockers

It’s not just power tools that you want to keep safe and secure, hand tools can be an expensive asset and you need to protect them from being lost or stolen.

Our Tool Lockers are perfect for warehouses, workshops, and factories. They are manufactured in the UK from robust steel and are suitable for the most demanding of environments.

These tool lockers are designed for the safe storage of hand and power tools in the workplace, they have a fixed mid-height shelf, and come fitted with a cam lock and 2 keys as standard.

Product Features

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Fixed height shelf
  • Suitable for factories, warehouses and workshops
  • Supplied with cam lock and 2 keys as standard


Whatever your business, you’ll find a storage solution to suit every need in our range. Our lockers are versatile, durable, made from high-quality materials, and are great value for money.

From tool lockers to staff lockers, storage lockers, first aid cabinets, COSHH cabinets, and more, you’ll find the perfect locker to protect your staff and your equipment, and make your workplace a safer and more stylish place to be.

Want to know more about our tool lockers or any of the other lockers in our range? Contact our expert sales team on 01684 292727 or at [email protected]