Safety First: Protect Your PPE with PPE Lockers

Safety First: Protect Your PPE with PPE Lockers

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the equipment or clothing that an employer must provide for employees to protect them from infection, chemical injury, personal injury, or accidents at work. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 is the legislation that employers must comply with, and these regulations also cover the use, storage, and maintenance of PPE.

What are some examples of PPE and what might they protect you from?

PPE could be a hard hat, face mask, respirator, overalls, hi-vis clothing, safety goggles, and more.

PPE can protect you from breathing in dangerous vapours, contracting skin infections, head injuries, chemical burns, electric shocks, extremes of temperature, and other occupational risks.

Under the law, employers should always do a risk assessment to identify how risks can be eliminated or controlled, and issue appropriate PPE to protect employees from the identified risks.

Provision of PPE

It’s an employer’s duty to provide suitable PPE for the particular work activity and to train employees on how to use it. It’s an employee’s responsibility to maintain their PPE and report faults or problems to a manager or supervisor. If PPE is not well-maintained, it will not work well, if at all, and this can put lives at risk.

Choosing PPE

PPE should be appropriate for the work tasks that employees will be doing. For example, it’s no good giving employees who work in wet conditions safety footwear that’s not waterproof.

PPE items also need to be compatible, so if a worker needs to wear a hard hat and noise-cancelling hearing protection, they should be able to be used at the same time and fit well together.

PPE must fit the user’s body size, as items that are too small or too big will result in inadequate protection.



PPE maintenance

If PPE is damaged in any way, it’s no longer effective, and this can spell danger for workers. A good maintenance routine and daily checks are essential to keep it in good working order.

To keep PPE in good condition:

  • Store it in a dry, clean locker or storage box
  • Keep it clean
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance
  • Follow the recommendations for when an item should be replaced
  • Check PPE for faults before and after use. Report any faults as soon as possible and remove the faulty item so that nobody else tries to use it.

Think safety first with our high-quality PPE lockers

Our P.P.E Lockers (dark blue) allow employers to comply with regulations regarding the safe storage of protective equipment. They’re made in the UK from robust steel and are available in 2 sizes and marked with P.P.E Labels. 

Each locker is fitted with a standard mastered cam lock with 2000 differs, strengthened doors, rubber buffers, ventilation slats, and is finished off with Germ Guard Active Technology Paint. 

Single door lockers are fitted with a top shelf and coat hook and the two-tier lockers are fitted with a coat hook in each department.

Our Industrial Strength PPE Lockers are perfect for the secure storage of PPE in the workplace. They’re manufactured in the UK from high-quality Abbeysteel, which is a sustainably resourced steel that saves 7.5 t of Co2 for every tonne that’s reused.

The welded frame design gives the unit strength and durability, and each locker door is individually labelled with 'Personal Protective Equipment' and finished off with an anti-bacterial powder coating. The single door unit comes supplied with a top shelf and double coat hook, and the two-door unit is supplied with a double coat hook in each compartment. 

Lockable PPE cabinets are always a good idea to prevent the theft of any valuable PPE equipment.  With an all-steel construction throughout, these PPE cabinets also contain galvanised internal components along with a 3-point locking system and are supplied with labels reading 'Personal Protective Equipment.'

Product specifications:

  • Clothing and Equipment Cabinet - 1830 x 915 x 457 - Supplied with vertical hanging compartment plus individual storage compartments.
  • Large Double Cabinet - 1830 x 915 x 457 - Supplied with 3 adjustable shelves.
  • Wardrobe Cabinet - 1830 x 915 x 457 - Supplied with an adjustable top shelf fitted with hanging rail.
  • Small Double Door Cabinet - 1000 x 915 x 457- Complete with 1 adjustable shelf.
  • Small Single Door Cabinets - 910 x 457 x 457- Complete with 2 adjustable shelves with single point locking.


If you’d like to find out more about our PPE lockers or any of the other lockers in our high-quality, great value range, contact our expert sales team on 01684 292727 or at [email protected]