Say Goodbye to Office Clutter With Our Office Lockers

Say Goodbye to Office Clutter With Our Office Lockers

Have you ever worked in an office where there was clutter everywhere you looked? Piles of paper and files on desks, cardboard boxes piled up in the corner, and coats and bags lying under desks and on the floor?

Clutter does not make for a safe and productive workplace. Clutter in an office means trip hazards, fire hazards, and not being able to do your job very quickly or efficiently because you can’t find anything.

But don’t worry, you can take back control of your haphazard office, and it doesn’t take too much effort. All you need to do is invest in some key items of storage, and of course, encourage people to take responsibility for being organised and tidying up after themselves!

Invest in some handy storage boxes

These are a godsend when it comes to getting organised. You can buy different colours and use a  colour code for different items. Some of them even have wheels so they can double as a way of transporting things to other departments if need be. What’s even better is that you can get nesting containers that you can stack when they aren’t in use; perfect for the office where space is at a premium.


Our office lockers provide safe and secure storage for personal effects, files and folders, and valuable stock. We even have lockers for securely storing and charging laptops. More storage space means less things are left lying around the office, adding to the clutter.

We also sell post box lockers which are ideal for the safe and secure delivery and storage of internal and external post and documents which may be confidential.

Filing cabinets

Even though most of your data is probably kept digitally these days, there needs to be a paper version or paper trail of most things, and in accordance with laws on data protection (now GDPR), certain types of information needs to be kept in a locked cabinet, not lying in a pile on your desk.

Talk to employees about taking responsibility

It takes more than one person to create a disorganised, cluttered office, so it will take more than one to create an organised, efficient one. Talk to employees about the importance of keeping things organised and clutter-free, and get them to take responsibility for their own workspaces. With any luck, they’ll notice how much easier their jobs are when they don’t have to hunt through piles of paper to find the document they want and they’ll start to take pride in their new tidy office.



Our products

If you’re looking for a locker solution for your office workplace, then look no further. We have a wide range of modern and stylish lockers suitable for any type of office, from personal effects lockers for staff to office equipment storage lockers for laptops and tablets. Here are just a few of our high quality products, which are made right here in the UK.

Our Executive Lockers provide a high quality, professional storage solution for staff valuables, and they are perfect for any high-end office, foyer or reception area.  They’re made in the UK and have a steel body for superior strength and durability. They are available with a range of door fascias and end panels to complement any environment.

The Executive Lockers range comes fitted with soft closing hinges and for extra security, they are fitted with standard mastered cam locks containing 2000 differs.

Our Laptop and Tablet Charging Lockers are designed to provide secure charging and storage for valuable tablets and laptops, making this a perfect choice for the IT industry. They’re made in the  UK from an all steel construction, and they incorporate a 3 pin plug to allow charging from the laptops main power lead. The lockers also have ventilated compartments for heat dispersion and are powder coated with a Germ Guard Technology Paint in a choice of 6 colours.

For added security and durability, these lockers are fitted with Piano hinges and are available with 1 large door giving access to the compartments, or separate doors for each section

Our Secure Lockers have a 3-point locking mechanism and are ideal for many locations including, offices, schools, universities, public buildings, or factories. 

Each locker door has been strengthened and fitted with ventilation slots and powder coated with a Germ Guard Active Technology paint, available in 5 size variations and 5 colour choices to suit any environment.

For buildings where there’s an internal post system in operation, or where there’s a need to keep correspondence away from prying eyes, such as offices, schools, colleges, residential flats, and hospitals, our Post Lockers are ideal. They have an all steel construction and a powder coating of Germ Guard Active Technology Paint available in 6 colours.

These lockers are available in 6 variations, with each compartment containing its own posting slot. For security, each locker is fitted with a standard mastered cam lock with 2000 differs.


If you would like to know more about our office lockers or any of the lockers in our range, contact us on 01684 292727 or at [email protected]