Why You Should Provide Lockers For Your Staff

Why You Should Provide Lockers For Your Staff

Today’s employees work longer hours than ever before and they have incredibly busy lives. They might squeeze in a gym session or class before work, do a full day’s work (for which they’ll need appropriate clothing or a uniform), then catch the train home where they’ll need their laptop to catch up on emails.

This means that when they arrive at work, they’ll be carting an awful lot with them, from a gym kit to personal belongings, electronic equipment, and a change of clothes. In these days where a smartphone costs more than a fortnight in the sun, it’s important that you provide your employees with somewhere safe to store their belongings. In this blog, we want to talk about why you should provide lockers for your staff and give you a little guidance on the lockers you need for your business.

The benefits of having staff lockers

It gives people somewhere safe and secure to store their things

Employees will feel a lot happier and at ease if they know they can go about their shift in the knowledge that all of their belongings are safe and secure. If people bring wallets, purses, smartphones, tablets, and other valuables to work, they need to know that they’ll be protected from theft on the premises.

It gives visitors to your premises peace of mind too

Whether it’s agency staff, contractors, or clients, providing them with somewhere safe to store their belongings makes them feel welcome and valued, as well as doing your reputation as a safe and secure workplace no harm, of course.

They help cut down on clutter

Providing staff with lockers means there’s less risk of someone tripping over an errant handbag or backpack and giving the health and safety officer a headache. All personal items will be safely and securely stored away rather than lying around making the place look untidy and posing a trip hazard.

They’re a good morale booster

Staff lockers give your employees a space they can call their own, which is all too rare in the corporate world if you ask us. Employees will be able to keep everything they need in their lockers, as well as a picture of their kids (or their cat if they feel inclined.)

The best lockers for your workplace

All lockers are not made equal, and while they are certainly a smart choice for any workplace, the best lockers for your workplace will be those that suit the specific needs of your employees and your business.


Office lockers

Office lockers provide safe storage for belongings and reduce clutter, which is important especially where space is at a premium. If you are an IT business, or you use electronic devices frequently from day to day, laptop and tablet charging lockers are a great investment. You can charge your devices between meetings or overnight so they’re ready to go whenever you need them.

Of course, if you have clients and customers coming into your premises, you don’t want tatty, run-down lockers, you need lockers that communicate that you’re a well-polished, professional business. In this case, our executive or timber door lockers will send the right message.

Industrial workplaces

Storage lockers are important for industrial workplaces. Your staff may need garment lockers to store spare or dirty overalls and a designated PPE locker or section of a locker to store the PPE that is essential for keeping them protected from harm at work.

For workplaces that demand efficiency, being able to find the tools and parts you need is essential. Tool lockers and small parts lockers will not only make your workplace more productive; they’ll keep tools and essential supplies safe and secure from loss and theft.

Essential lockers for any workplace

For any workplace where staff require a change of clothes or uniform, like hospitals, garment lockers are essential.

No matter what kind of business premises you own or manage, there are legal requirements for first aid provision and for the correct and secure storage of hazardous substances. First aid cabinets will keep your first aid supplies safe and secure, and COSHH cabinets will help you comply with the law regarding hazardous substances in the workplace.


There are many benefits to having staff lockers, whatever type of business you’re in. From happier, more motivated employees to a safer and more secure workplace, they’re a great investment.

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